Hanging canvas storage for a Teardrop Trailer

Teardrop Trailer Canvas Interior Storage
Teardrop Trailer Canvas Interior Storage

This low-cost, space-saving storage solution is a flexible system of t-tracks and t-bolts, and can handle all kinds of storage needs

The tiny interior of a teardrop trailer means every inch counts, so when designing mine I left out bulky interior cabinets. Instead, I built in under-the-mattress storage and installed a t-track against the back wall to attach components like this luggage rack for hanging canvas bags. More headroom inside and if you accidentally bump the corner, no bruises! Plus, you can easily remove them to pack and unpack.

This hanging storage system is designed around a Universal T-Track System that consists of a length of aluminum t-track and a collection of t-bolts or hex-bolts that slide in the track and cinch down with screw-on knobs.

I simply mounted the t-track to the inside wall of my teardrop trailer, and then built a collection of hangers that attach to the t-track with the bolts and knobs. The hangers slide side to side in the t-track and then lock down wherever you want to hang your canvas bags. I evenly spaced four hangers to carry a bag for each member of my family.

In the future, I imagine building a wide variety of shelving and mounting systems that attach with the t-bolts and knobs.

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