Update: An Interview with “The Hitch” Podcast

Just as I was finishing up my book, The Handmade Teardrop Trailer, and ready to hit the road camping, I came across an audio podcast that was strikingly relevant: A journalist I follow on Twitter named Dan Sinker and his wife Janice Dillard, had bought an Airstream trailer and launched a podcast called “The Hitch” to document their trials and tribulations on and off the road.

Dan Sinker and Janice Dillard are traveling the U.S. in their Airstream trailer named Evangeline for their audio podcast about life and the road.

Dan’s Twitter feed — which I followed for his views on journalism and politics — began featuring updates from campsites, capturing the realities of trailer life, like lamenting the difficulty of backing up with your trailer. I could relate to his evolving social media story.

Now, 50-something episodes later, The Hitch Podcast has turned into a steady and informative listen for anyone who might be considering an investment in the trailer lifestyle. The two provide practical tips, and thought-provoking topics that all trailer owners can relate to.

I joined Dan and Janice for a two-part audio interview about design, camping, and DIY publishing, and the joys and pitfalls of building a handmade teardrop trailer from scratch and writing a book about it.

Part one is available now on The Hitch podcast feed wherever you get your podcasts. We talk about how I got into camping in the first place, and how I got the idea to tackle this gargantuan project.

Part two is also available for download or streaming and goes into more depth about what it actually takes to build a trailer — the tools, materials, strategies for getting through the process with a great camping companion as your outcome.

Hope you enjoy it!

(P.S. I have a hard time listening to my own voice and found it much more consumable by speeding up the audio to 1-1/2 speed.)

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