About The Author

Matt Berger is a California designer and builder of everyday objects. A lifelong hobby enthusiast and workshop adventurer,


By day, Matt makes a living working in Silicon Valley as a digital product designer helping companies design and build tools for mobile devices. On nights and weekends you can often find him in his garage workshop working on projects from handmade skateboards to wooden blue-tooth speaker boxes to the subject of this website and new book — a handmade teardrop trailer.

Matt teaches woodworking classes to students of all ages at local maker spaces around the San Francisco Bay Area, and private instruction out of his garage workshop.

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The Handmade Skateboard

Before taking on his latest book, “The Handmade Teardrop Trailer,” Matt spent nearly a decade exploring the story behind the skateboard from its invention in a 1950s garage by a collective culture of kids who pulled the wheels of a set of roller skates and a nailed them to a plank of wood. His first book, “The Handmade Skateboard,” is a definitive guide to designing and building a skateboard or longboard from scratch. The book’s publication in September 2014, helped ignite a revival in small-batch skateboard manufacturing that has spread to communities around the world. Matt continues to design and build skateboards and teach others the process through his series of two-day SK8Maker workshops around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Build your own skateboard

Fine Woodworking

Matt earned his stripes in the woodshop as an editor at Fine Woodworking magazine, where he launched FineWoodworking.com, and produced and starred in how-to videos for the website, including a videos series and special issue magazine “Start Woodworking.”

Collaborating with some of the best woodworking authors and educators around the country, Matt developed an interest in traditional woodworking tools and techniques; many of the early furniture and woodworking projects he’s completed are inspired by the articles and videos he developed and produced.

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