Build a Prototype Teardrop Trailer for your Bicycle

Before I got started on my full-sized teardrop trailer I tested out some design and construction ideas on a bicycle-sized prototype. My strategy is to make my big mistakes on the small one so i only make small mistakes on the big one.

I had a left-over kid-carrying bicycle trailer taking up space in my garage and decided to tear it down to the aluminum frame and build up a new box on top. My plan was to outfit it with storage for picnic supplies and food, and turn it into a pop-up picnic mobile.

I originally thought my idea was unique. Of course, nothing is new and the more I looked around the Internet for inspiration the more examples i found of other people with similar ideas.

Nick Orlando of Atlanta, Georgia, sent me photos of his “Doggy Dew Drop.” It’s a small-scale aluminum replica of his full-sized human teardrop trailer, which is featured in the Handmade Teardrop Trailer Hall of Fame #0006. It’s built on top of a jet-ski trailer frame and tows behind a motorcycle. The front window gives a fearless pooch a great view and wind-blown ears.

Glenn Ross, who’s canvas covered trailer is featured in the Handmade Teardrop Trailer Hall of Fame #0002 also built a mini model to test out his ideas for design and construction. They aren’t built for the road, but still attract the attention of mini canines.


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